The Imperial War Museum (IWM) will be opening its new World War One exhibition on Saturday 19 July.

The IWM was set up in 1917 by the very same generals and politicians who helped start the global conflagration. But it wasn’t victorious generals and politicians that ended the conflict, it was striking workers and mutinying soldiers.

By autumn 1918, many German soldiers became so disillusioned with the war that they refused to fight. Earlier, there had been similar rebellions in the Russian and French armies. And, by 1919, there were even mutinies in the British Army.

Hopefully the IWM exhibition will cover these inspiring events in detail. But, in case they need some help, we will be commemorating the real history of the war from

10am to 2pm, Saturday 19 July,
near the museum entrance.

The Imperial War Museum,
Lambeth Rd.
SE1 6HZ,
near Waterloo and Lambeth North stations.

Come and visit the new exhibition and then join our anti-war commemoration!

For more information about the ‘Remembering the Real WW1’ project Email:

For useful critiques of the Imperial War Museum approach to the history of war (and relatiosn with the current military-industrial complex), see:


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